Science Fair

On Thursday,  March 24, 16 Liberty students participated in the Regional Science Fair in Sterling. Five students from Liberty advanced to State. Junior Tonya Rothbauer advanced with her project "The Effects of Plant-based Meat Alternatives on the Development of Drosophila" (fruit flies).  Four Junior High students also advanced. Haydan Drullinger moved on to State with his project "The Effects of Droplet Size from Irrigation Sprinklers on Evaporation Rates." Aidan Baar placed with his project "Does Soil Type Influence Fertilizer Availability to Plants?" Juakin Sawatzky advanced to State with his project "The Effects of Pollution on Fresh Water Invertebrates." Finally, Tyler Wise will move to State with his project "How Does Soil Compaction Influence Crop Germination?"

The process these students go through to place is very lengthy. Linda Niccoli, Liberty Science teacher, explained the steps. "Students had to design their own project and submit a research plan for approval to the Scientific Review Committee. Following that, they had to perform the experiment, complete the data analysis and draw conclusions. Finally, each student had to create a display board for competition."

Mrs. Niccoli went on to explain that after the work detailed above was completed in school, at Regionals students undergo a series of interviews with judges followed by a second round of interviews. "The competition was extremely difficult. There were over 50 presentations  by students from Logan, Yuma and Phillips Counties, " said Mrs. Niccoli.

State Science Fair is April 7th-9th at CSU in Ft. Collins.